Berna Italia Berna Italia

Berna Italia De filosofie van Berna kenmerkt zich door de woorden: jong, dynamisch en professioneel. Berna produceert trendy kleding voor mannen en vrouwen. De pasvorm is goed, Berna vindt het belangrijk dat elk item comfortabel aanvoelt. De kwaliteit van de stoffen worden gecombineerd met de actualiteit van kleuren, patronen en modellen. De succesvolle basic kledingstukken […]

People’s Uniform People’s Uniform

Peolple’s Uniform The team behind Peoples Uniform is based in Stockholm Sweden and has been in the fashion business for years in almost every position. We have been around the world on every Tradeshow know, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Las Vegas and NYC thru out the years. You meet a lot of people when you […]

March23 March23

March23 This brand was born on MARCH23. Developed for the self-conscious, independent woman. She loves to live her life her own way. Fashion is not an attitude, it’s her way of living. She will never lose her curiosity and is constantly seeking for new challenges. She will always believe in herself. She loves to be […]

P448 P448

P448 …and this statement already explains the overall concept…this shoe is so exciting that you won’t mind waiting a little while before going surfing! Enjoy it!! This shoe has been created by a team of Italian guys who love clothes and wanted to bring their know-how into a sneakers’ project too! The creative team cooperates […]

- Reign Italia - Reign Italia

 Reign Italia “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL…” Reign winter collection confirms the trend of last summer, which is part of the DNA of the brand: the denim remains an important part of the brand philosophy and it is offered with the usual selection of handmade washings. For this season the same care for the special treatments and […]

- Death by Zero - Death by Zero

Death by zero “Death by Zero exploded onto the Australian fashion scene in 2007 and revolutionised the T-shirt market for men and women. Born and bred in the bustling Melbourne fashion scene, the team set out to offer what no one else was to the scene. Bold, innovative prints with strong rock and roll influence […]

About Us About Us

Smashbox is a distributor of fashion brands since 2010 from around the world into the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. As a Dutch distributor we have a lot of passion for our brands and handle them with care like we do with our valued customers. As a Dutch distributor we distinguish ourselves by our […]